Elena Kagan and other tragedies

The new face of justice

Obama’s latest obamination is his nomination of another “wise” woman to the United States Supreme Court.  By now, much has been written about how thoroughly unqualified, unoriginal (and incidentally unattractive) this nominee is.  She is a hack in the worse sense of the word and can be counted on, when nominated, to serve as a rubber stamp for the very worst of far leftists socialist ideals of what the United States is supposed to be rather than being faithful to honor her oath to defend the Constitution.

Now this is not especially unexpected.  Obama is a far leftist, and can be expected to nominate those who share his philosophy to the bench.  It is also unexpected that Dean Kagan will be confirmed.  What is likewise unexceptional is that most Republicans will find themselves bound by some vague idea of honor, bipartisanship, and camaraderie and vote to confirm this woman to the court despite the fact that she is not only manifestly unqualified, but that she will actively work against the very things Republicans claim to be for.  In fact, Sen. Lindsay Graham has already voted to advance her nomination to the floor from the Senate Judiciary Committee where is serves as resident go-along to get-along Republican of “elections have consequences” fame.

What is rather odd, and in my view unforgivable is Graham’s assertion that, “she will serve this nation honorably.”  Graham must have a rather strange notion of honor!

It is no honorable thing to give an oath before God in the presence of witnesses to uphold the sacred trust of defending the Constitution when one knows that is the further thing from the intention in one’s heart.  There was arguably more honor among the warriors of World War II Imperial Japan whose loyalty was pledged to the Emperor and many of whom died defending that pledge of loyalty even though much of what happened in the war was dishonorable indeed.  It is certainly not honorable to lie boldly in confirmation hearings by saying what one knows the listeners want to hear.

The entire charade of Senate confirmation hearings lacks the entertainment value of any stage play.  There is no tension, no drama, no unexpected twists or turns, and everyone knows exactly what the verdict will be: Confirmation.  At least that’s the case when the Democrats are in power.  When they are out of power, they through sticks, stones, unearth skeletons and do whatever is necessary to clog the machinery of governance and get their way.  And often Republicans join them.

Our Republic has little hope of survival when so called Republicans like Sen. Graham employ such facile reasoning to such weighty issues.  Yes, Sen. Graham, elections have consequences.  And you, no less than the President have a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and vote against confirmation for those would be judges who refuse to do so.

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1 Response to Elena Kagan and other tragedies

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    Lindsay Graham is indeed a disappointment to conservatives, as are my two Maine (Republican ?) Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. I bring up this unacceptable “get along” type of politics in my most recent blog offering at http://www.mainenowandthen.wordpress.com. You are unhappily correct when you describe the lack of honor, not only in today’s politicians, but also in our society – and most of the world – in general.

    Your description of Ms. Kagan is accurate on all counts. Perhaps in this age of judicial activism she could indeed be deemed “qualified”, since she is an obvious ideologue whose appointment to the Supreme Court is based only on political identity and has nothing to do with judiciary experience or ethics.

    It is nice to see you writing again.

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