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Cap’n Trade Passes the House

Yup, they’ve gone and done it. It isn’t enough that we’ve been saddled with enormous debt. Now we’re on the hook for huge tax increases unless the Senate comes to their senses. The Wall Street Journal reports: Landmark legislation to … Continue reading


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Escape from the Plantation II: Democratic “Faux”-menism

I owe a large debt for my political independence to genuine left leaning liberal feminists, both men and women, who call themselves PUMA and gave me the freedom to blog out loud what I’d been observing for a while, but … Continue reading

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Plantation Politics and Black Republicanism

The photo of the men above illustrate part of the reason I made my transition from the plantation of the Democratic Party on which many Black Americans continue to languish. These men elected during the period of Reconstruction were the … Continue reading

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Media abandons all pretense of objectivity by becoming arm of Obama administration

We are finally crossing the line into the insanity of a state controlled media. Even as broadcasters decry censorship controls in China and Iran, they continue to prostitute themselves openly to the current presidential administration. It apparently hasn’t been enough … Continue reading

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Timeless Truths

This video (H/T to Letters to a Dying Dream) was produced near the end of the 2nd World War. For those of the Obama generation too young to remember, we were for the better part of the twentieth century locked … Continue reading

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Dear Leader appoints Compensation czar

Isn’t is funny that the man who says that he’s “not interested in running GM” even while he determines where they can and cannot have their headquarters, and whose administration is “doesn’t want to place caps on executive pay” has … Continue reading

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Liberal “comedian” declares open season for rape… leftists feminists stone silent

Yet again the supposedly enlightened and zealously concerned liberal feminists have shown their absolute hypocrisy and revealed their all too obvious bias against anything or anyone that doesn’t tow the party line. That is to be expected. After all, these … Continue reading

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DPRK not yet enlightened by Obama’s awesomeness

People around the world continue to swoon in the presence of “the One’s” awesomeness. From Paris it has been reported: When dining out Saturday night at a no-star bistro, La Fontaine de Mars, the presidential party was served water, Coke … Continue reading

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