Ahhhhhh…..I can’t hear you, I can’t you, I can’t hear you!

Cute in a kid. Not so cute in adults.

We’ve all seen little kids do it.  Stick their fingers in their ears when they hear something that they would rather ignore, usually accompanied by a whining, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, lalalalalala.”  It’s understandable in a kid.  Annoying perhaps, but not really anything to be shocked or surprised by. If it is our child, we are careful to correct them.  If it is the child of another, we shake our heads perhaps  in a bit of embarrassment for the parent whose child is throwing a tantrum, or disgust that the parent isn’t correcting the child.  In any case though, we recognize it as the behavior of a child.

In the case of an adult though, well…I would venture to say that most of us wouldn’t expect such behavior from adults unless they have some sort of mental disability, or incapacity that keeps their level of reason and understanding on the level of a child.  In these cases we may feel pity rather than annoyance, and perhaps some bit of sorrow at the vagaries of fate.  We would smile nervously and rush on to whatever else we were doing, or maybe turn our faces away so as not to be embarrassed by our lack of knowing just what is the right thing to do in such situations.

But what can we do when it is neither a child nor a mentally disabled adult who acts this way?  When it is someone of reasonable intelligence, educated perhaps in good schools and who displays all the markings of being mature and rational…

until it comes to politics and race.

Somehow the reasoned, rational, mature people we know are transformed into unreasonable, irrational, immature children who metaphorical (and sometimes literally) scream, “lalalalalalalala…. I can’t hear you!!” when confronted with the facts about leftist political posturing and race baiting.

Recently a friend of mine posted a comment on her facebook that said, in essence, that she was tired of all the racist tea party people.  She mentioned the incident where tea party people allegedly spat on a Congressman and called him racial names, she mentioned the Shirley Sherrod incident, and finally she said that the tea party is just a bunch of angry white people.

Unfortunately I departed from my normal reticence and asked what evidence she had for any of these claims.  Unsurprisingly she had none, but responded via private message that she felt the President was skittish on race

Angry mob of white tea partiers

because he doesn’t want to confront the right wing and that the tea party is just a bunch of angry white people who are mad that the country is different than it was 20-30 years ago and who are offended that their values of individualism and ‘pulling yourself up by your bootstraps’ are being trampled on.

I responded with facts: the demographics of the tea party, the swift repudiation of Williams for his silly letter, and the irony of her condemnation of an entire group of people based on race.  I also mentioned that it is quite the strategy of the left to shut down (and shout down) any discussion of the merits of an issue by crying RACISM.  In fact it really doesn’t matter what the issue is, whether it is good for Blacks or not, or even if it is promulgated by Blacks.  If it is different than the party line, it is racist.

Of course it doesn’t matter.  Her mind is made up, and no amount of facts, figures, statistics or reason will make any difference.  Conservatives are by definition, racists.  And if you’re black and conservative, then you’re deluded at best or an Uncle Tom.

So she didn’t respond to any of the facts, and there are plenty more to go on.  The fact that Blacks have largely given their vote and support to Democrat Socialists for 40 years and are absolutely no better off than they were is irrelevant.  The fact that the policies of the left have caused absolute devastation in the Black family and community (not to mention everyone else, but we’re talking Black folks for now), is irrelevant.  That a biracial president is presiding over the highest Black unemployment rate in decades is irrelevant.  That Black political leaders are inured from the consequences of the policies they promulgate is irrelevant.  All that matters is the color of one’s politics: RED.

How can a people ever be free while living with their finger stuck in their ears about the things that matter most?  Americans, educated in government run schools are fed a steady diet of leftist propaganda that is designed to place the blame for ever ill somewhere else.  Black Americans in particular are taught to despise the US and to place their faith in the same government that tramples their rights.  What will it take for us to wake up to this kind of shallow pandering and ignorant propagandizing?

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1 Response to Ahhhhhh…..I can’t hear you, I can’t you, I can’t hear you!

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    “shallow pandering and ignorant propagandizing” are things that many of our so-called “Representatives” in Washington rely upon to maintain their privileged status – no help coming from that source, I fear.

    Our educational system has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Progressives to the extent that mature, rational thought and presentation are now subject to ridicule and deprecation. Arguments are no longer conducted with adherence to facts and relevancy, but are often characterized by emotional rhetoric limited to “talking points and dogma”. Numerous examples can be found throughout “discussion rooms” available through the internet and also prevalent in local news outlets’ online “comments”.

    Combating indoctrination is a difficult task, particularly when conversing with “true believers” whose convictions mirror and substantiate the frustration and dissatisfaction with their personal lives that lead them toward mass movements, both secular and religious. An object to hate is an imperative for these folks and racism – or any other differentiating characteristic – easily serves to identify and target the “unbeliever”.

    You have presented a fascinating topic and I hope for some illuminating conversation to result.

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