Indian-American appoints Black-American to Senate, but it doesn’t matter because racism or something…

tim scott1The news of the day is that Indian-American governor of South Carolina has appointed Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate.  Scott will be the only Black American serving in the Senate and only the 7th in the entire history of that storied institution.

The Grio reports:

The appointment is not a surprise, as Scott is an ideal fit for seat. With Republicans just having lost an election in which more than 80 percent of non-white voters nationally backed Democrats, the party is looking to elevate minority figures.

Of course the spin will focus first on his identity as a Black man and only secondarily to his credentials, which is typical.  The article continues:

 in addition to his race, Scott holds strongly conservative views that have made him popular among the Tea Party Republicans who have embraced Haley and DeMint as well. He has been a strong opponent of President Obama’s agenda on nearly every issue, which will make him a controversial figure among African-Americans.

Yes, he will controversial among African-Americans of the kind that have bought into the myth that all Republicans  / Conservatives are fire-breathing racists with hoods and nooses under their beds.  That idea is laughable.  Everyone knows that Democrats already have a solid lock on nooses and robes.  Of course we also know that no matter what the history, what the past or present, Republicans / Conservatives (and they are NOT the same by any stretch) will be painted as racists.

In fact commentary on David Love’s opinion piece at the Grio is informative.  According to some:

Black people shouldn’t want a sellout in the Senate like Scott.

So Scott is a sellout…

If he is chosen, it will be for the same reason Michael Steele was chosen as RNC chief. A phony attempt to appear inclusive without actually being inclusive. He got one thing going for him, he’s a Tea Party darling. And the Tea Party tends to favor African Americans who are at odds with their own race. That seems to be their criteria, case in point: have you ever heard Allen West, Herman Cain or Allen Keyes say anything positive about the President? NEVER. Have you ever wonder why? Simple they’re not allowed to.

Scott (and others) are puppets of their white masters.

Scott is a useless knee-grow that only parrots the racist , sexist and stupid views of the fanatic right wing…We should do everything in or power to get him out of office

And well, I will let this comment speak for itself.

Now I will tell you that there are lots of reasons why Black people wold be suspicious of Republicans, but isn’t there a time for some simple honest pride that we’ve reached the place in the nation’s history that we could have a freakin’ Indian-American woman appointing a Black man to the US Senate in the state whose secession started the freekin’ Civil War!!!

In any event congratulations are in order.

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