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North Korea tests another nuclear weapon; Obama wags finger at them

By now it is commonly known that the reclusive and autocratic North Korean regime has conducted a nuclear weapon’s test. purportedly much more successful than one conducted some years ago during the sunshine policy of the former South Korean president … Continue reading

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Obama admits country is broke

After adding debt to debt and plunging our country further and further behind economically, the supposed wonder child Barack Obama tells us that the country is broke, and surprise surprise, the only solution is spending more money. Now admittedly there … Continue reading

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Not our kind of people

I’ve been puzzling a bit over the last 12 months: my de-conversion from a Democratic voting stalwart into a dyed in the wool conservative, the birth of the PUMA’s and their subsequent decline and fragmentation, misogyny in the media, the … Continue reading

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The “Blessing” of Abortion

Abortion is a controversial subject in the United States. As a Christian, and as a conservative, it is really a rather simple matter: I am anti-abortion, or anti-choice, if you prefer. However, I am not so obtuse as to be … Continue reading

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The Man is always trying to keep us down….

It is common knowledge in the Black community that “THE MAN” is trying to keep us down. “THE MAN” has been doing this for hundreds of years and will do whatever he can to prevent “THE BLACK MAN” from “GETTING … Continue reading

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MS. Ogyny — what liberals really think of women’s rights

So women’s liberation is really not women’s liberation when you don’t tote the liberal line. For as much screeching (and yes I use that word intentionally) that there’s been about how women’s voices and opinions need to be heard and … Continue reading

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No Dear, you’re wrong… Condi lays the smackdown on college know-it-all

I’ve think I’m falling in love…. Condi Rice schools a young college punk in ways that only a sistah can… Now that’s how you do it!!

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