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Bill to give President control of Teh Interwebz

Though news about S.773 has been buzzing around teh intertoobs for a few days, it has mostly been subsumed in coverage of the death of the not-really-that-honorable-but-lets-pretend Sen. Edward Kennedy.  The bill aims to “protect national cybersecurity” in an age … Continue reading

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Its okay to be racist and a communist… if you’re Black

The bigotry of  Rep. Diane Watson is surpassed only by her idiotic promotion of Fidel Castro’s communist paradise. Any white person making the kinds of racially charged comments made by Rep. Watson would never be elected in this day and … Continue reading

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Hey, let’s punish countries for honoring the rule of law!!

Well it isn’t enough that the Obama administration has backed the subversion of the Honduran constitutional order by backing the ousted would be dictator Zelaya.  He is now moving ahead in aggressively punishing the small Central American nation for daring … Continue reading

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Staged outrageous “right wing” terrorism backfires!

The Colorado Democratic Headquarters was vandalized amidst the increasing concern for violence in response to the unpopularity of pending health care legislation.  Predictably the Dems blamed the vandalism on folks on the “other side” stirring things up: Eleven windows at … Continue reading

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Don’t speak ill of the dead: Kennedy is dead

It is tradition not to speak ill of the dead.  I will honor this tradition. A moment of silence please… Now that that’s out of the way, I predict the shameful use of Kennedy’s death by opportunistic liberal vultures to … Continue reading

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Warranty or Insurance: the Health Care conundrum

The debate over health care reform in the United States has quickly degenerated into heated rhetoric and uninspired but unsurprising name calling.  Congressmen are being shouted down at town hall meetings across the country as Barack Obama hides out in … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Vanguard 3: The Roosevelt Revolution

I have already discussed here and here a bit of the connections between the French Revolution of 1789 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.   When I left off I was discussing the Progressive Era which gave birth to the modern … Continue reading

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Drill baby Drill!! (Just don’t do it here)

Sarah Palin, private citizen, continues to throw well placed wrenches into the works of the Obama administration by doing something for which she is constantly vilified by the left and unsupported by the right. Pointing out that the emperor has … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Vanguard Part II: the revolutions of 1789 and 1917

In my previous post on this topic, I discussed in brief that both the Russian revolution of 1917 and the French Revolution of  1789 were led by urban educated elites who sought to impose their revolution on the more conservative … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Vanguard & Democratic Party Politics

Long before I was a conservative or a blogger, I was trained as a historian.  It is therefore very natural for me to evaluate current politics with an eye towards history, so forgive my self indulgence. It is a bit … Continue reading

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