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Surpise surpise… Middle East mud impervious to “Hope & Change”

In a stunning admission of his own obtuseness, arrogance, and lack of judgment, the prez-nit noticed that his foreign policy approach in the middle east has accomplished exactly nothing.  Amazingly, despite the ocean calming rhetoric of King Obama the great, … Continue reading

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Ohhhh… It Ain’t my fault

President Obama is widely recognized as being the “coolest” president in recent history, certainly cooler than George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton, both of whom were variations on the theme of all American good ole’ boys even though they … Continue reading

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WHAT. THE. H3LL. Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize for….??

What exactly? You’re not sure. I’m not sure either. When I turned on the television this morning I saw the crawling headline across the bottom of the screen and said to my roommate (I’m on a business trip), “Obama received … Continue reading

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Hey, let’s punish countries for honoring the rule of law!!

Well it isn’t enough that the Obama administration has backed the subversion of the Honduran constitutional order by backing the ousted would be dictator Zelaya.  He is now moving ahead in aggressively punishing the small Central American nation for daring … Continue reading

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Obama rejects constitutional government at home AND abroad!

Like most news that should be closer to the front page than the back, the Obama adminstration’s continued press against the constraints of presidential power embedded in the US Constitution doesn’t stop at the water’s edge.  Indeed  the administration installs … Continue reading

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DPRK not yet enlightened by Obama’s awesomeness

People around the world continue to swoon in the presence of “the One’s” awesomeness. From Paris it has been reported: When dining out Saturday night at a no-star bistro, La Fontaine de Mars, the presidential party was served water, Coke … Continue reading

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North Korea tests another nuclear weapon; Obama wags finger at them

By now it is commonly known that the reclusive and autocratic North Korean regime has conducted a nuclear weapon’s test. purportedly much more successful than one conducted some years ago during the sunshine policy of the former South Korean president … Continue reading

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