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Bill to give President control of Teh Interwebz

Though news about S.773 has been buzzing around teh intertoobs for a few days, it has mostly been subsumed in coverage of the death of the not-really-that-honorable-but-lets-pretend Sen. Edward Kennedy.  The bill aims to “protect national cybersecurity” in an age … Continue reading

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Not our kind of people

I’ve been puzzling a bit over the last 12 months: my de-conversion from a Democratic voting stalwart into a dyed in the wool conservative, the birth of the PUMA’s and their subsequent decline and fragmentation, misogyny in the media, the … Continue reading

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The Thought Police: Why Hate Crimes Legislation is un-American and sets a frightening precedent

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” These noble words penned 232 years ago form the backbone of American liberty and are an expression of the freedom and dignity all mankind is owed … Continue reading

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