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Electile Dysfunction

It has been a while hasn’t it since I’ve written anything.  Well here I am writing again to who know who will ever read this post.  not a problem, as I write for my own interest rather than necessarily to … Continue reading

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I may be conservative… but I’m still Black

Conservative AND Black In my political journey from idealistic stalwart Democrat to die-hard conservative, I have paid little price for my convictions, chiefly because I tend to keep my political opinions to myself and don’t really feel like arguing with … Continue reading

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The Barbershop Report

Finally tired of the increasing unmanageability of the too rapidly thinning, African curled but interspersed with myriad straight strands evincing the peek-a-boo genetic inheritance of my American native and White Irish roots, and more than a few not so easily … Continue reading

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So much socialism… So little time

There’s so much crazy ridiculous stuff happening it is hard to know where to begin… Should I comment on the State Department moving aggressively to cut off aid to the Honduran government for honoring their constitution? The move to cut … Continue reading

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Cute puppy turns into angry Dog and nips at president’s heels

The “Look a Puppy” distraction President Obama tossed out last night at the end of his press conference concerning the arrest and subsequent release of Hahvad professor Henry Louis Gates has overnight turned into a bit of a vicious dog … Continue reading

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Media abandons all pretense of objectivity by becoming arm of Obama administration

We are finally crossing the line into the insanity of a state controlled media. Even as broadcasters decry censorship controls in China and Iran, they continue to prostitute themselves openly to the current presidential administration. It apparently hasn’t been enough … Continue reading

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The “Blessing” of Abortion

Abortion is a controversial subject in the United States. As a Christian, and as a conservative, it is really a rather simple matter: I am anti-abortion, or anti-choice, if you prefer. However, I am not so obtuse as to be … Continue reading

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