The Truth in Black and Right

The photo of the men above illustrate part of the reason I made my transition from the plantation of the Democratic Party on which many Black Americans continue to languish. These men elected during the period of Reconstruction were the first, and for a very long time, the only Black Americans elected to the United States Congress. They were all of them, courageous and bold men who put lie to the then prevailing notion that Blacks were innately inferior to Whites and they served with distinction.

hiram revelsHiram Rhodes Revels was the first Black member of the Senate and of Congress, and he was elected from the state of Mississippi in 1870.

Joseph Rainey was the first Black elected to the House of Representatives.joseph rainey from South Carolina.

These men, and the others, were all republicans. In fact the Republican Party “owned” the Black vote until the 1930’s when FDR’s New Deal…

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  1. George says:

    I agree with you, whole heartedly. Our problem is the leaders in the black community, are essentially overseers for the Democratic party, to keep blacks on the plantation. Wllie Lynch once said, to the slave owners of the 1700’s, ‘in order to keep the slaves from rising up against you, you need to make them, trust, and depend, only in you. Keep the body, and destroy the mind!!’ That is why, today, the public schools in the black communities, keep graduating kids that don’t know how to read, write, or do math. They can’t fill out a job application, and are only good for working at a fast food establishment, and be dependent on government. That way, when Republicans talk about shrinking government spending, the Democats can go around telling blacks, if the Republicans get their way, you will starve, and get put out of your house. You will die, because you can’t afford medical treatment.

  2. 4REAL says:

    All I have to say is that Black leadership definitly can’t be found in the GOP…just look at the very few Black republicans as of late.

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