Where’s the handbasket? The country’s gone all to hell….

It’s been a while as I’ve watched on the sideline as the country continues to spiral ever downward into a cesspool of liberal induced death, like an unsuspecting impala dragged down to his death by a crocodile in a Nature documentary.  Except this is no documentary and the impala in question is far from unsuspecting.  Indeed the government we have is the government we elected, and although I did not pull the lever for an bloated, indebted, unresponsive nanny-state, many millions of others did.  Most likely they were seduced by a combination of threats  (if you don’t vote for us you’re uncompassionate), bribes (vote for us and well take care of granny for you), and outright fraud (see everything the Democratic Party has ever done to win elections since the Reconstruction Era). And of course you have the vast unwashed, barely literate masses whose voting knowledge can be reduced to various expressions of, “He make me feel safe,” or “She give me hope,” and it is no wonder we have the politicians we do.

And now in consequence of the ignorance and irresponsibility of the general American populace, we have an elected class that is in general more ignorant and more irresponsible than average.  Our credit rating has gone from AAA to AA+ which largely means that the ratings agencies are not quite convinced that we yet willing to sell our grandchildren’s grandchildren into debt slavery in order to finance the retirement and health care of the generation of Baby Boomers who has given us everything from no fault divorce to grown men and women wearing sweatpants in the mall to Snookie, whoever the h3ll she is.

Do I sound bitter?  Perhaps no more so than the other “bitter clingers,” but I’m a Gen-X’er and cynicism is our right. After all we have had to live in the shadow of the Baby Boomers our entire lives whilst we swim in the detritus of their collective excess.

So what difference does it make if a few Wall Street goofs thinks our country is no longer “AAA.”  President Obama assures us that we will always be AAA in his book, sounding not unlike a post-modern parent trying to soothe the feelings of a kid just kicked off the baseball team.

Well in the short term, probably not much.  In the long term, not much either, except perhaps a recognition by the rest of the world that, yeah, they aren’t buying the notion that the good ole’ USA can continue to defy the laws of economics, physics, or even common sense forever and that eventually even Uncle Sam will have to pay his bills.

And pay the bills we will, albeit in a deflated currency that will erode the savings of the middle class, further impoverish the poor, and undermine the foundations of American prosperity for the foreseeable future.

But at least we got to have a Black President!!

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4 Responses to Where’s the handbasket? The country’s gone all to hell….

  1. sierra says:

    uh. If you have something to say, make it clear. This just sounds like a rant. It appears you’re no smarter than the “barely literate masses” you speak of. And by the way, it’s not Obama’s fault. Grow a brain. Wake up. Pay attention.

    • If it is a rant, it is my blog and my right to rant on. And I don’t believe I even mentioned Obama’s name in this post at all (other than to reference his comments about the US being a triple A country), so I’m not sure why you would.

      And what is the “it” to which you refer when you say that “it” is not Obama’s fault? Do you mean the loss of AAA credit rating, the undermining of the foundations of economic prosperity, the excesses of the Baby Boomers, or the crocodile eating the impala?

  2. Chuck says:

    TBC – good to have you back on line…please rant at will. – Head Muscle.

  3. darwin says:

    “Do I sound bitter? Perhaps no more so than the other “bitter clingers,” but I’m a Gen-X’er and cynicism is our right. After all we have had to live in the shadow of the Baby Boomers our entire lives whilst we swim in the detritus of their collective excess”.

    It’s not an easy fix. In addition to Social Security and Medicare we now also live in the shadow of the welfare recipients. Food stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, WIC, school breakfast, lunch and in some places dinner.

    In 2011 we took in 2.17 trillion in total taxes. We spent 2.17 trillion on entitlements. We had to borrow to do everything else. Add to the fact that Obama has reduced payroll taxes by 2% and we either borrow more to make it up or raise taxes.

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