Ohhhh… It Ain’t my fault

Obama rapper

All he needs is a theme song

President Obama is widely recognized as being the “coolest” president in recent history, certainly cooler than George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton, both of whom were variations on the theme of all American good ole’ boys even though they were both educated in Ivy League schools; something most real good ole’ boys can’t relate to.  Mr. Obama has it all, according to his fans: good looks, a glamorous wife, pretty children, and the all too necessary strut.  The only thing he’s missing to complete the image is a theme song.

Well, I’ve found one, thanks to the musical styling of Silkk the Shocker who released an album in 1998 called Charge It 2 da Game which contained a song whose refrain adequately describes Obama’s approach to the presidency (warning strong lyrics):

Indeed, whatever happens or will happen under President Obama, we can be assured that it ain’t his fault.  From Ross Calvin at Reuters:

A year after his historic election, President Barack Obama sought to remind Americans on Wednesday the biggest problems he is grappling with — from the economy to the war in Afghanistan — are the legacy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

So a year almost a full year into the job and Obama is discovering that not only is the job is difficult, but it’s really Bush’s fault. His lack of leadership, the continued struggles in Afghanistan, the soured economy: all of it is Bush’s fault.

So why did he want this job?  The responsibility of a president is to solve problems, not to pass the buck.  Ed Morrisey at Hot Air says it better than most:

Obama wanted to be President, not to lead, but just to win.  Now that he has won, he has no core set of governing principles other than what impacts Barack Obama.  He has offered no leadership on any part of his agenda all year long, content to have Nancy Pelosi run it for him.  His foreign policy thus far consists entirely of making himself personally popular with the world.  On Afghanistan, Obama has thus far allowed Robert Gates and David Petraeus to make his decisions, only balking at the moment because the McChrystal strategy puts him at odds with his base, which could erode his popularity.

We’ve complained a number of times about the cult of personality that surrounds Obama, but as Todd implies with this answer, it’s really all Obama has.

Well said Ed (rhymes doesn’t it?).  Eventually though, Obama will have to take some ownershipas  William Hughes at the Camden County Conservative Examiner notes in discussing Obama’s campaigninf for Jon Corzine:

At some point our president is going to have to man up and take responsibility. Yes, we get it, George Bush was a horrible monster that sought to kill us all. Even if, however, the wily cowboy from Texas burned the entire nation to the ground, it wouldn’t warrant the constant self-pity and school-girl like whining that emits from the mouth of the great scripted one every time he stutters, er, speaks.

His argument in defense of his own ineptitude and nefarious socialist dealings is weak enough. When you use it to defend a four year incumbent governor, who succeeded another four year Democratic governor, you then have to ignore 8 years of Democratic governance in order to blame the mess on someone else. Try that next time you get into trouble at work. Blame it on the person who held your job 8 years prior to you and see how that goes.

Yep go ahead and try it.  And don’t let the door hit you on your way out the door.

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2 Responses to Ohhhh… It Ain’t my fault

  1. Good post… I look forward to see the next election. Republicans are going to have some material and this “Master of Spin” will be scripting some serious big ones. I can hear him now explaining 10% unemployment (a lie in the first place) as being not his fault but Bush’s, evil Corporation, and space monkeys. While MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, bring on hosts of experts to agree and explain how if it wasn’t for Obama unemployment would have been at 50% or something silly and how Obama saved us just look at GM.

  2. mainenowandthen says:

    Obama and his administration will not abandon the “blame Bush” mantra because as Liberals they have no real plan on how to solve the nation’s problems and to open themselves up to criticism erodes the power that they have so single-mindedly pursued for decades.

    Looking back at Obama’s campaign, he never did have any realistic solutions, just sloganeering promises not to do the same things that Bush was doing (and he has already adopted most of those same things that he criticized).

    Ineptitude is fast becoming the hallmark of Obama, Pelosi and Reid and that is not going to change because there are not enough sensible, courageous Democrats in government willing to risk the ire of the Leftists.

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