It’s not “rape-rape; it depends on your defintion of “is” and now this…

How now brown cow?

The milk of dissimulation, deceit, and dishonesty continues to flow to nourish liberals souls distracted and defeated by the definite deflation of the rapidly diminishing fortunes of  “Teh Greatest President Evah.”  Fresh on the heels of nothing in particular, President Jimmy Carter of race-baiting anti-Semitic fame came fresh from retirement to remind everyone why no wants to hear from him.

So now we see that calling people racists really isn’t calling people racist when you simply say that what you said wasn’t at all what you said and well,  you know it doesn’t really matter that we can all just go check the video and see exactly what it was that you said.  After all, it depends on what your definition of “is” is…

Uh huh.

I’m so glad we got that all straightened out.  Clearly the former President (whom I’m glad to have been young enough not to have had the misfortune of having voted for) has received marching orders from somewhere or someone, perhaps in the counsels of his own mind freed now at 85 to give full vent to whatever random thoughts might pour forth.

There was a time when we were spared these sorts of excesses by former presidents who were decent enough to silently and with dignity shuffle off to whatever presidential library or foundation they might happen to have and then die conveniently in their sleep so that we could have  a big state funeral where everyone could lie and pretend to like them who didn’t.

Of course in another world, Carter would never have been president and absurdities such as these would be rightly considered the incoherent ramblings of  “old uncle Jimmy, please forgive him you know he’s getting on in years,” as we politely changed the subject around the dining room table or someone interjected with a “pass the peas please” to spare old uncle Jimmy the embarrassment of having to acknowledge even in a minor way his presence.

Alas, this is not the world in which we live and we get instead the opportunity to see full on the rank dishonesty that underlies much of how Washington politicians generally and liberals specifically conduct themselves.  Prior to the days of self publishing, YouTube, and teh interwebs, things such as this would politely have been swept under the rug by the media establishment in hopes of maintaining a death-like grip on information and preventing the hoi polloi from disturbing the waters.  Now we are in a different era, and everyone can plainly see that “Is” means “Is,” “Rape” is “Rape” and calling people racist is nothing but a callow and cowardly political ploy.

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4 Responses to It’s not “rape-rape; it depends on your defintion of “is” and now this…

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    Why anyone thinks that Jimmy Carter is still relevant to anything at all is beyond comprehension. He was a failure as President and continues to be a failure in his frantic attempts to project an image of importance in world affairs. Best to ignore this dismal, mean-spirited incompetent.

  2. Am I the only one that noticed that in the second video when they where talking about racially charged signs that they never showed a clip of any? Yeah there was one swastika but it was a sign calling Obama a Nazi, and while you can disagree with the message I wouldn’t call that racist since it’s alluding to the fact they don’t like Nazis and think Obama is one and not their support of Nazism. It’s the same with the “Hitler gave good speeches too” sign. It’s almost as manipulative as the time a video of a black man carrying a gun a t a protest were they zoomed in on the gun so you could see that is was a black guy and then spend five minutes talking about how angrey racist white people where carrying guns to Obama speeches.

    And Carter is just lying. Rather than say he misspoke and that was not what he meant he tries to say he said something else entirely, even though it’s all on video. Just think is Carter had never been president no one would be worried about Iranian nukes right now. Hell Iran would probably be like Turkey right now had we just supported the Shah when he needed it and pushed him into creating a better government. Thanks Carter, oh and thanks for the North Korean nukes as well that was hell of a deal you broke with Kim, how long did it last, five, ten minutes?

  3. BaldManMoody says:

    Go farm some peanuts Jimmy.

  4. Dominique says:

    Stop trying to deny it; you guys ARE racist pigs.

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