You Talk Too Much

Yes you President Obama.  You. Talk. Too. Much.

Please shut up!!

Please shut up!!

You’ve given two addresses to joint sessions of Congress within your scant seven months of being president.

You’ve talked to schoolchildren schoochildren.

You’ve made an “historic” (more like hysteric) address to the Islamic world.

You’ve given several prime time press conferences.

You’ve spoken about stupid cops

And tonight you’ve given yet another so-called historic address to Congress.

Listen up buddy….

No one cares.

Your incessant chatter, endless rhetoric, nonstop nattering, constant conversing, and limitless lecturing has become so predictable and pedantic that well… we’re mostly ignoring it.

What you don’t seem to understand, but which astute observers know all too well, is that you’re a one trick pony and that no one really cares very much what you have to say.  Frankly, you’re boring us.

Clinton is polite enough to pretend to pay attention to his ramblings

Clinton is polite enough to pretend to pay attention to his ramblings

What happens when the president talks too much? Well for once Peggy Noonan got it right:

Mr. Obama has grown boring. And it’s not Solid Boring, which is fine in a president and may be good. It’s sort of Faux Eloquent Boring, especially on health care. The president likely doesn’t know this, and his people won’t have told him because they don’t know it either, but Mr. Obama always has the same sound, approach, logic, tone, modulation. He always has the same stance. There’s no humor or humility in it. News is surprise, and he never makes news.

Moreover, you don’t seem to understand that the greatest asset the president has is his access to the bully pulpit to shape and influence public opinion.  It is a precious commodity, useful for rattling the cages of weak kneed representatives in order to influence them towards supporting your policies.  But when over used, the bully pulpit wears thin, and people stop paying attention.

The more you talk, the less we listen and more the office of the president, which is bigger and more significant than you

Maybe you should listen to this guy

It seems diarrhea at the lip runs in this administration.

are, is diminished.  Even if you were the best teleprompter reader speech giver ever, we’d still grow tired of you.  (You aren’t by the way)

Felix Gillette in the New York Observer nails the analysis. It was true in July. It is even more true now.

the main problem, Mr. Gergen believed, was one of frequency. The White House is scheduling Obama TV way too often. “People can get a little numb,” said Mr. Gergen. “By comparison, Franklin Roosevelt, a superb communicator, had three fireside chats in his first six months. History suggests that even the best communicators, if they go too often, wear out their welcome.”

Mr. Buchanan agreed. He suggested that Mr. Obama’s strategists should learn to use their top TV draw more sparingly. “Nixon would always tell me that he was a great admirer of the Gauls,” said Mr. Buchanan. “The sense of reserve—of distance between the head of state and the people—is something that provides a magnetism and an attraction.”

Mr. President, may I turn you on to a lesson from some classic rap that perhaps you missed during your aimless wanderings?  Please, take this to heart/

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4 Responses to You Talk Too Much

  1. RonB says:

    I said it after the fourth address to America. He has become a prime time bore and he is costing the networks millions with his constant addresses during their peak advertising hours. Clearly this stinks of his arrogance that he and he alone can fix all of the ills of this country and “you must listen to me because I am B-Rock Obama” I know what I am doing. Before long the major networks will be asking for their bailout from lost revenue and they will be able to tie it directly to the lost revenue of airing presidential chatter.

  2. Concur! You are dead on here.

    On addresses to joint sessions of Congress, I read just recently that apart from the State of the Union addresses, Bush made only 1 and that was after 9/11. LBJ made 2, 1 after JFK’s death and 1 regarding civil rights. FDR supposedly only made 1, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Significant events. Article didn’t list other presidents, so maybe there’s more to this. But regardless, Bobama has made 2 now, both for partisan policy matters. He’s been there for 7 months.

    Please! Let up- we stopped listening long ago. We are no longer impressed.

    If Bobama wants to turn things around, he could do so by scrapping the health reform process and starting over by giving us his detailed plan, with specifics, and that incorporates ideas from both sides. I’ll stomach some bad stuff from the left (except for the horrendous public option), if we could get some cross-border competition, tort reform, etc. That would be true leadership. He’s incapable of it, though.

    Jay Cost said it best this week- in his speech, Bobama voted “present” on the health debate by saying basically nothing new to move the policy forward…

  3. RalphB says:

    Obama is elevator music now. Everybody hears him but nobody’s listening. Completely boring and contentless.

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