Order Now!! Operators are standing by…

Order now and he'll throw in a free euthanasia consultation

Order now and he'll throw in a free euthanasia consultation

Order Now!

New & Improved!

Unbelievable results!

If you call in the next 30 minutes….!

These are a few of the most easily recognizable catch phrases for those night owls like me who get more than their fair share of classic TV reruns, pitches for whatever music collection TimeLife has put together, and opportunities to enhance our manhood.

The products are all different late at night:

Light weight body shapers for the less than shapely woman.

Some easy to store, lightweight and unbelievably effective exercise machine to give you sculpted abs, and a toned midsection.

Set it and forget it food processors, or juicers, or grilled cheese sandwich makers designed to appeal to the lazy among us who want “lean, healthy, quick and easy.”

Different products yes…

But the same exact pitch for all of them.  They all follow the same formula of identifying (or inventing) a problem, criticizing all other solutions as being inadequate, and then showcasing their product as being simple, easy, and effective!!

It really doesn’t matter what their selling.  The sales pitch is always the same.  And if you don’t ORDER NOW, you will miss out on a great deal.  In fact it’s a deal so great that if you call in the next thirty minutes, they will throw a cheese grater and paring knife FREE!

My favorite commercials though are the infomercials that sell some colon cleansing product or get rich in real estate system.  Oh yes, those are the most fun.  Instead of a model test kitchen, or a sculpted model rocking back and forth onObama-Snake-Oil-Salesman1 the easy to use Abdominal Rocket, you get the smiling slick rags to riches millionaire who in just 10 minutes a day went from bankruptcy to bankrolled all by flipping through a phone directory or something like that.   And if you use their easy to use system, you can make up to $10,ooo a week or more!!!

These systems are always sure things and guaranteed to work and have lots of testimonials, although one has to wonder if its working so well why the heck are they advertising at 3 in the morning?

One must ask the same question with the persistent sales pitch of the Obama administration concerning health care “reform.”

Why the rush?

And why do we have to order now!!!?

We hear over and over again the drumbeat of crisis in health care when most folks are quite honestly satisfied with their health care coverage.  What began as a gambit to cover the 47 million uninsured (many of whom are uninsured only temporarily, by choice, or are in the country illegally) has now transformed into a full media blitz complete with testimonials of how single payer health insurance will either usher in a new era of peace and love or be the harbinger of the apocalypse.

Obama has gone on record saying that he wants people who “created the problem” to basically shut up and get out of the way.  Who would those people be?  Perhaps he means the Democrats who gave us the perennially deficit producing bloated Medicare fiasco, but somehow I doubt it.  More likely he means that he wants people who oppose him to simply shut up and take their medicine, or refrain from taking as the case may be, whatever needs to happen to get the costs down.

The constant hucksterism of Obama’s administration is wearing thin on the American people’s nerves.  Not many people have the stamina to listen night after night to commercials promising to enhance your manhood before they either cave in and buy from sheer curiosity or turn the television off.  Even fewer are willing to invest their hard earned dollars in get rich quick real estate and work from home schemes that seem to promise much more than they deliver and inevitably lead to some investigative report on 20/20 where a naive middle American mom is crying because she was ripped off.    Let’s hope that this same common sense prevails against the order now demands of the snake oil salesman in chief.

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9 Responses to Order Now!! Operators are standing by…

  1. I’d have made it say “Scam Wow”, but it’s the truth either way.

    Speaking of people using a “crisis” for their own ends you should read Burton W. Folsom’s “New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America” , it’s really go at explaining not only the failing of the policies but how FDR’s ego and lust for power gt in the way of real economic reform and how he used his power and tax dollars to pay people off with relief funds for votes.

  2. That’s how he pealed away Black support from the Republicans so its no surprise.

  3. True, but in the early days the National Recovery Act was called “N***** Get the Run Around” since they where locked out of most of the jobs until latter when FDR figured he needed to use them too, but he put most of the money for blacks into the North, Midwest and West since they were the only ones who could vote and he already had a lock on the South. FDR used everyone as pawns though.

    • the largely unknown (or unacknowledged) history of Democratic Party racism is very sad. Republicans though seem to care less about breaking up this mythological paradigm with truth.

      • I think they just gave up, the Democrats have a lock on Identity Politics, something the Republicans for the most part don’t like playing with so they just gave up trying to tell the truth because frankly no one wanted to listen and the Democrats have a better propaganda machine.

        Remember the anger over the sign that said “Martin Luther King was a Republican”? Granted it might not be true because from what I understand there isn’t any record of him ever voting, but he lived in the South and at the time the only party in the South that would register blacks to vote was the Republican party, so if he did join a party in the South it would have had to been the Republican party. But people don’t want to hear that, they didn’t want to hear it from Dr. Rice when she said she became a Republican because it was the only Party that let her father join.

        The KKK wasn’t formed against blacks, it was formed against the Republicans and blacks secondary, granted blacks all voted for the Republicans and even started the Texas chapter of Republican Party, but they terrorized blacks not just because of racism but because they were part of the Republican parties support in the South.

      • I think you’re probably right, but if they don’t adjust they will continue to lose and not only lose elections, but we will lose the country our forebears left to us.

  4. But how do you adjust without pandering or falling into the Identity Politics crap? Once we can truly answer that question we would know how to proceed, till then it’s pointless and doomed to fail. Your black and while I know you couldn’t speak for all blacks since no one could and we can only ever speak for ourselves but how would go about converting blacks to be more political conservative or traditional liberalism while still maintaining the idealism of a colorblind society? Maybe a little bit of the Identity Politics might be necessary to start with till you could get past that and get rid of it but I can’t bring myself to even do it a little even if it’s only for a short time and it will be cast aside as soon as possible. I know I sound like a defeatist and uncompromising at the same time it’s just I don’t have an answer for that question.

    • Well, most Blacks are actually very conservative, especially socially, but political liberalism gives something that Blacks have historically lacked: power. Liberals win the Black vote by basically saying that conservatives are racists who want to dis-empower Black people. So Black voters are generally not against conservative ideals but against conservative politicians who seem to be waving the God and country, lets go back to the good old days flag, which does NOT appeal to Blacks.

      What would be more appealing is emphasizing the conservative ideals and how they help the Black community more than liberal ideas. School choice for instance would be a hit among Black people, except it’s usually shut down by people suggesting that its just a way for White people to get their kids away from Black people, the racism argument. I say turn the argument on its head and say, “this is a way for your kids to get the same access to quality education as the rich suburban kids.”

      The other thing is that Republicans/conservatives simply do not court urban voters or candidates at all. It’s always suburban clean cut white kids running for office. That does not appeal. Repubs should do a full court press for Young Conservative clubs in inner city high schools emphasizing things like entrepreneurship, empowerment, uplift, self discipline. These are very popular themes and they are conservative ones. But they’ve got to get some more diverse candidates and not let ANY district, any city council office go uncontested. And not run anyone old.

      Many many Dems who get elected in Black majority areas are tired political hacks and no one ever questions them, except a white candidate and that automatically kicks in the group identity defensiveness. Black folks don’t want to see one of their “own” taken down by a White person, but they won’t mind it if its another Black person, or other minority.

      Basically it’s a “power to the people” emphasis, which Dems have co-opted but conservatives can take back. These things won’t cause a wholesale switch, but will slowly peel away the votes and put the Black voting bloc in play.

      • Makes sense the only thing is that I might start in urban areas against white candidates and incumbents first in order to cut off the “Uncle Tom” BS or at least try to lessen it, and use that as a starting point before you go headfirst against a lot of black candidates. I know I sound like I am endorsing racism, or at lest permitting a mild form of it with that, but the thing is if a large amount of blacks vote knee-jerk for Democrats, in a election between a black Republican and a black Democrat you are already down votes if you’re the Republican, but if it’s a white Democrat and a black Republican you might be able to lessen that a bit. It doesn’t always work, such as Lynn Swan who ended up losing the black vote in PA. He was also the only person I have voted for for Governor for that state and one of the few people ever running for any office I really supported and liked, but he lost. Maybe that was too big a start and like you said start more local, start them young and have them work their way up.

        I hate Identity Politics but it’s a big part of the national debate, so the question becomes how much are you willing to tolerate on your own side and for how long?

        Other than that though I think you are spot on with your ideas, and we have to start someplace. And you are right that the Republicans need to pay more attention to urban areas and rather than leaving a seat unchallenged they need to find and recruit people to run, get their names out there and talk to people. I remember I voted for one guy only because he was challenging the incumbent Democrat and the Republicans didn’t even bother to field a candidate. The guy lost the Democratic primary went as an independent but I remembered him because he came to my house – by himself in a bad part of town – and talked to me on the porch for a half hour, he seemed like a decent guy and I didn’t want to vote for the Democrat (although in this case the guy isn’t that bad and I did go to high school with his son), but no one challenges him this guy did and while he only got about 1,000 votes in total it could have been a start for him.

        One thing is though it’s the black conservatives that have to take charge of this, network and build up the movement, yes the rest of the party needs to support them financially and with pushes from behind but it needs to be the the young black conservatives or Republicans that need to take charge and truly own the movement, if it’s going to be a “Power to the People” thing and you want the voice of other blacks to help you resonate with people bring up Thomas Sowell, hand out some of his articles while at the same time being able to explain yourself and and your ideas and ideals.

        He’s what I think you should do, sit down think about it and write an article explaining how this can be done. Think of it like a mission statement for young black conservatives who might be thinking about politics and and a message to the larger conservative movement on what they need to do to help.

        Yeah, by this point it sounds like homework and I’m not a teacher…

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