Cute puppy turns into angry Dog and nips at president’s heels

Not such a cute puppy anymore

Not such a cute puppy anymore

The “Look a Puppy” distraction President Obama tossed out last night at the end of his press conference concerning the arrest and subsequent release of Hahvad professor Henry Louis Gates has overnight turned into a bit of a vicious dog that is angrily nipping at the president’s heel.  American Thinker articles today pound the president for his obtuse and insensitive remarks. One writer notes:

President Obama showed his own lack of class and judgment when he said the Cambridge PD “acted stupidly.” To make such a sweeping statement of condemnation after admitting that he didn’t “know all the facts,” is beneath the dignity of his high office.

For a black man who has achieved the level of Chief Executive in a country where the overwhelmingly majority of voters are white to use that tired old canard about everything being racist, is stunningly contemptible. If this is the type of judgment Obama uses to make decisions, God help us if he’s able to pass any more legislation.

Perhaps instead of calling Police officers stupid and going on and on about how African Americans and Hispanics are victims of law enforcement officers you should ask yourself why.  Why does a law enforcement officer get nervous when he’s on a call with someone who is believed to be dangerous and happens to be black or Hispanic?  Why is the crime rate so high among African Americans and Hispanics?  Why is the number of African Americans and Hispanics involved in gang related violence so much higher than that of whites?  Perhaps we should start there.

Hmmm… it seems the cute puppy distraction is turning into more that he bargained for.  And one would think in light of the teapot tempest this is stirring that he would at least call the police officer whose behavior he maligned and apologized, which he did… sort of…. maybe

So Gibbs can’t say (though he was in the room when the call was made) that the president apologized.  Well what does the president himself have to say about itFox News reports:

At an impromptu appearance at the daily White House briefing, Obama said he spoke with Crowley over the phone, and said he wanted to share a beer with Crowley and Gates at the White House.

A nice beer?  Well that should straighten things up.  But what about the apology and the incident itself?

President Obama stopped short of an apology to Sgt. James Crowley on Friday for saying he “acted stupidly” for arresting black Harvard scholar Henry Lewis Gates Jr., but said he should have chosen his words more carefully.

Well I guess if you don’t know what’s going on you should keep your mouth shut.


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