“Look! A puppy!” – Stupid police provide convenient distraction from Obama’s horrible health care “reform”

Isn't he a wonderful distraction from our crappy president?

Isn't he a wonderful distraction from our crappy president?

Last night depressing presser was vintage Obama featuring all the regular cast of characters: endlessly long filibustering by the president that gave no real answers, a sycophantic media that asked no real questions, and at the end a predictable and probably planted softball that allowed Obama to end with his usual, “Look at the pretty puppy and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” routine. Afrocity, as usual, provides a wonderfully insightful review:

Last night’s Obamacare news conference was a major fiasco on several levels.  Obviously there were many unanswered questions concerning the future of health care in America, who’s going to pay for it, when will Congress implement the plan etc.  These are all valid questions.  At best, I expected a boring but focused conversation about health care.   Obama and teleprompter did their usual spill: blame the Republicans, talk in endless circles, exploit several Main Street common folk as examples for why it is imperative that we need health care reform NOW. After the pontification has ended, Obama takes questions from his pre-selected media lap dogs. It normally takes Obama more than several minutes to answer one question before moving on to the next.

For myself as viewer of now five of the Obama conferences, I think I have the pattern pretty locked down.  At some point during the Q&A someone will ask Obama a question that comes totally from the left field of a moron’s asshole.  Or he will call on some unorthodox media source like Mad Magazine or the American Kennel Club Gazette.  No surprises there. Before the end of the hour, someone is going to ask a question that has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. President Obama will get a big smile of relief on his face as he takes 5 minutes to answer the question about his dog, nail clipping collection or whatever issue of distraction it was.

Like the news conferences before, last night was no exception.

Last nights cute puppy was this indelicately pitched journalistic softball about the recent arrest of Hahvad Prof. Henry Lewis Gates (who, on a side note, bears a striking resemblance to my own father)

Aside from quite obvious fact that Gates arrest has NOTHING to do with health care is the fact that the question itself is RACIST. It may not perhaps be clear to folks in liberal la la land, but the only reason Obama was asked this question was because of his race.  And we know that all Black people share a common hive mind that melds our thinking on every issue into an indissoluble mass of  “Yassa Massa, we gone sho’ vote for y’all.  Just keep ’em gubmint checks rollin’ in,” and throw in a bucket of fried chicken and a side of watermelon while you’re at it.

Secondly, if Obama doesn’t know all the facts of the case, then why did he feel the need to comment on it?  Of course  he spent quite a few moments faithfully recounting the major details of the case and then using it as a platform for self-referential aggrandizement (as usual), which makes me wonder why the president has time to learn about the details of a minor arrest for disorderly conduct in Cambridge (police report is here), but doesn’t even know the content of the stupid legislation he’s trying to shove through Congress!

Of course calling police officers “stupid” has had some backlash, and we are already seeing What Obama Really Meant (WORM) kick into gear.  Press Secretary Gibbs says:

Let me be clear, he was not calling the officer stupid,” Gibbs told reporters as Obama landed in Cleveland for two health care events Thursday. He said Obama felt that “at a certain point the situation got far out of hand” at Gates’ home last week.

Of course!  How could we have missed it?  And Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

So what is the lesson?  Well quite simply this… while we’ve been distracted by the antics of an elite liberal professor, Obama and the Congressional Democrats are continuing plans to federalize a huge chunk of our national economy and insure government intrusion into the most intimate areas of our life.

But isn’t this a cute puppy?

Awww... now he wouldn't try to steal your health care would he?

Awww... now he wouldn't try to steal your health care would he?

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6 Responses to “Look! A puppy!” – Stupid police provide convenient distraction from Obama’s horrible health care “reform”

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  3. Sarah says:

    Cute puppies.

    Stupid journalist.

  4. polly says:

    ur all jerks that believe that obama didnt make a good desicion on the heath care event give him a break he is a new president he will do what he said in his compain just shut up and keep ur comments to ur self and most of u dont like obama is because he is a african american and u r being total racicit jerks so drop it and get over it

  5. polly says:

    and sarah all ur thinking about is the puppies i love dogs but think about obama ur so imature grow up geez

  6. Brian says:

    Amen again to the waste and poor decision making from President Obama. When he get’s done with all his “reform” that cute little puppy will feel terrible also.

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