Escape from the Plantation II: Democratic “Faux”-menism

I owe a large debt for my political independence to genuine left leaning liberal feminists, both men and women, who call themselves PUMA and gave me the freedom to blog out loud what I’d been observing for a while, but which came to a head during the Democratic primary. Thanks RiverDaughter!!

To wit: The Democratic Party is full of hypocrisy on the issue of feminism.

There I said it.

For decades the Democratic Party has used the issue of abortion and their supposed advocacy for womyn’s rights to maintain a lock on being perceived as the party concerned about Women’s rights. Women of course, do not support the Democratic Party with anywhere near the same level of unflagging support that African-Americans do, but that’s besides the point. Liberalism, it has been decreed, is the best thing for women, and Democrats are the liberal party, ergo it is the party that cares about women’s rights.

All of this is well and good, and the illusion of this was maintained by the convenient specter of Republican raking Anita Hill over the coals for daring to accuse Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, and by other idiots treating Hillary Clinton as some sort of wicked shrew. As long as Republicans kept up the their end of the bargain of being useful idiots for the liberal propaganda machine, all of the insidious ways that liberal misogyny played itself were well hidden from view. Democrats were pro-choice, pro-equality, and pro-woman. That was that.


Liberals have yet to answer for the savagely sexist and misogynistic attacks leveled against now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Liberals have yet to explain how the welfare policies they espouse have led to large numbers of single women raising children in poverty while their counterparts enjoy higher marriage rates, lower divorce rates, and consequently lower poverty rates are so beneficial.

Liberals have yet to answer for the increasing rise in gender based abortion (which is epidemic in China) is an advance for women’s rights.

Liberals have not explained why conservatives, including women, generally describe themselves as being happier and why women’s rates of happiness have declined in the decades since women’s liberation.

Liberals have not answered these and many other questions.

They don’t have to
They’re pro-choice, pro-equality, and therefore pro-woman

Except when they’re not.

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2 Responses to Escape from the Plantation II: Democratic “Faux”-menism

  1. Butters says:

    AMEN! You said it just the way it is!

    Dems are always just “striking a pose” on those issues and nothing more – ever!

    Who knew Dems knew how to “Vogue!”

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