Timeless Truths

This video (H/T to Letters to a Dying Dream) was produced near the end of the 2nd World War. For those of the Obama generation too young to remember, we were for the better part of the twentieth century locked in a life and death struggle with totalitarian government.

During the war, the necessity of winning made us bedfellows with the Communist Soviet Union. Make no mistake though, the vision of international socialism was and is as pervasive and total in its communist as in its fascist formulations. Both communist and fascist varieties of totalitarianism are branches of the same tree that promises always paradise for the working man, stokes hatred of the enemy (the hated capitalist in socialism/communism; the hated “other nation” in fascism), and inevitably end up deifying the state as the only institution powerful enough to create the paradise they seek. Re-education and death camps, forced labor, euthanasia, forced abortion, religious persecution and massive economic failure all follow in short order.

Like always such movements are led by lawyers, journalists, and academicians who serve as high priests to divine the perfect ways in which to engineer society so that there is no pain, no struggle and no loss; all of which are possible if you kill off the sick, imprison the dissident, and terrorize the citizen. It was, after all, the urban and educated elites who were the most ardent socialist revolutionaries in Imperial Russia, and it was they who came up with the notion of a revolutionary vanguard that would need to radicalize the peasants, who apparently weren’t smart enough to turn Russia from a net exporter to a net importer of grain like their communist masters.

This video (which should be updated and required viewing for every school child in America) shows us that there is nothing more precious than freedom… not even single payer health care.

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