Obama admits country is broke

After adding debt to debt and plunging our country further and further behind economically, the supposed wonder child Barack Obama tells us that the country is broke, and surprise surprise, the only solution is spending more money.

Now admittedly there is a health crisis in this country, much more one of too high costs than of lack of access to care. Even the very poor can obtain health care. But Obama disingenuous “public option” is really only a backdoor to single payer health care, and it promises to be a tremendous drain on our economy, just like Medicare and Social Security, the other two signature liberal dreams that are currently threatening to bury our children under mountains of debt or worse under cheap over inflated dollars.

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6 Responses to Obama admits country is broke

  1. afrocity says:

    He only had to admit it to the fools that believed otherwise. Who knows maybe he was even one of the fools who believed himself.

  2. True, but why do there have to be sooo many fools?

    • Because public school teach people to feel good about themselves rather than learn how to read or maybe think.

      • Ahhh yes of course. I’d forgotten about the incompetent socialized school system that one has be to be exceptional to escape with a shred of independent thought (or even thinking ability) intact. That explains quite a lot. Makes a lot of sense considering that the educational establishment is dominated by liberals at all levels.

  3. afrocity says:

    It depends elderj. When I lived in Texas, their spin on US history was interesting.

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