The “Blessing” of Abortion

Abortion is a controversial subject in the United States. As a Christian, and as a conservative, it is really a rather simple matter: I am anti-abortion, or anti-choice, if you prefer. However, I am not so obtuse as to be ignorant of the complex moral choices and rights argument. Abortion is a medical procedure that is abortionexclusively performed on women and issues of reproductive health are and have always been complex questions. Who has the “right” to determine what a given woman should do with “her” body. Of course abortion involves more than one body, as the fetus is a person in his own right. And of course there is the fact that every child carries the DNA of both mother and father, so what is the father’s say in all of this. What, if any, role, should the government have in all of this is the crux of the issue. So though I’m pro-life, I recognize why others have a contrary view.

However, I think that most people, including the most ardent pro-choice people, would not consider themselves to be pro-abortion. They usually think of abortion as a “lesser than two evils” kind of choice that ought to be an option. The so-called Rev. Katherine Ragdale goes beyond this, and endorses abortion as a positive choice, indeed a blessing. She has recently been named as president of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, further highlighting that denominations slide away from anything remotely resembling biblical morality and fidelity.

Should abortion be a choice in a free society? I say no, but I also say that those who disagree should never regard it as a blessing.

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4 Responses to The “Blessing” of Abortion

  1. afrocity says:

    I am staying away from this one. I am pro-choice but I would never have an abortion. I do not believe that we have the right to tell others what to do with their bodies.

  2. I certainly understand your staying away from this one since I know you’re pro-choice. I just think even when people are pro-choice to go beyond that to describe abortion as a blessing is a bit much for me. If anything it can be described as possibly the less bad of multiple poor options, but not as a blessing in my opinion.

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