The Man is always trying to keep us down….

It is common knowledge in the Black community that “THE MAN” is trying to keep us down. “THE MAN” has been doing this for hundreds of years and will do whatever he can to prevent “THE BLACK MAN” from “GETTING AHEAD.”

The surprising thing is that for a long time we’ve misidentified “THE MAN.” RedState helps us clarify the issue.

The fact is, the Democratic Party has built itself up on exploiting Black people as electoral cattle corralled whenever necessary to secure the vote.

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1 Response to The Man is always trying to keep us down….

  1. Elmo Griffin says:

    Hey. I just stumbled on this site, but I am estactic, I am looking for voices who are convicingly black conservatives. I too have experience all manner of insults from my nlack bretherens, such as “Uncle Ruckus, Sale Out, Obama Hater, Thinking I am better, Bush Lover, Confused, etc etc etc.” One of my homies from my home town, even ask me; What happen to you? You wasn’t like this before you moved away. Which got me to thinking, a vast majority of poor black people believe we have a monoply om each others, dreams, asparations, goal, aims, and desires, simply because of aquaintaces. I have read a lot of your blogs and I must say it is almost exonerating, thanks a million, it is so refreshing to know that I am sound in what I hold fast to

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