MS. Ogyny — what liberals really think of women’s rights

So women’s liberation is really not women’s liberation when you don’t tote the liberal line. For as much screeching (and yes I use that word intentionally) that there’s been about how women’s voices and opinions need to be heard and respected. All well and good until you don’t agree with the approved view of liberal elites. As with Sarah Palin in the campaign, so with Miss Prejean, whose ahem.. cosmetic enhancements.. are now grounds for insult and approbation by supposed women’s rights activists.

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2 Responses to MS. Ogyny — what liberals really think of women’s rights

  1. afrocity says:

    You know I thought that cosmetic enhancements were not allowed by the pageant rule book. Not that it matters but I am just curious because I could swear that in the past women were banned because of it.

  2. You know afrocity I thought that was the case as well.. but as you say it shouldn’t matter, which makes it all the more offensive what this woman says.

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